When Gabriel Comes

Avenging_Angel_by_Prasa Q1

Eight hundred billion angels stand with me..

here, side by my side.

Reigning thunderous…,
pouring electric warm reign through my veins.

As I bleed liquid mercury…. my mind remains calm.

I am removed from its environment.

My body is set strong and connected to my soul,


I now know with-in.., the connection of its purity….

As sound transforms into light my vibrations begin to pulsate,
I am in true alignment … I am at perfect pitch.

As I feel the earth’s core…

she sings to me her weeping confusions,

we become connected.

Her umbilical cord taps into my soul….

With the echo of each heatbeat we transcend,
I am connected and convicted in my resurrections.

I will answer.

In name of Allah I have risen from the heavens to reek all havocs on the hells.

Men an Jinn alike shall fall…

“There for, you all shall suffer and I have crowned you all as fallen.”

For ye are faithless,

And  I am he who is Known as Faithful.

As my eagles transform into their phoenix…

I Have Come.

Robert Najid Qadi Murphy


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