The Holy Quran 14th Surah 18-21


The Holy Quran

The Book: Ibrahim / 14th Surah: 18-21

18. The parable of those who Reject their Lord is that Their works are as ashes, On which the wind blows Furiously on a tempestuous day: No power have they over Aught that they have earned: That is the straying Far, far (from the goal).

19. Seest thou not that Allah Created the Heavens and the earth In Truth? If He so will, he can remove you And put (in your place) A new Creation!

20. Nor is that for Allah Any great matter.

21. They will all be marshalled Before Allah together: then will the weak say to those Who were arrogant: For us, We but followed you: can ye Then avail us at all Against the Wrath of Allah?” They will reply, “If we Had received the guidance Of Allah, we should have Given it to you: to us It makes no difference (now) Whether we rage, or bear (These torments) with patience: For ourselves there is no way Of escape.

Allahu Akbar


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