A Returning of the Sons


In the emptiness of this void, I exist…

Suspended from my hiatus.

There is never darkness only light.

As a partical of dust, I am a spark…

Waiting to be defered.

I can envision the paralell’s of existance and know that they are there.

All is made known to the ambiguous…

for my obscurity has yet been programmed by a destiny, to challenge my faith.

The giant burning hammer will fall,

and bring forth another form of my creation.

As the hammer falls,

moulting hot sparks shoot forth..

from the sheer power of its aerosphereric friction..

a gleam shimmers in his eyes

…, igniting  an interest ….

In, so that I may be molded from his will,

Allahu Akbar.

Blessed by his final grace…

the air he breathes fulfills me, as he utters a single word with a flick of his finger..


I am revived by his very presence.

one sip from his elixir …;

propels my quickening into a world of chaoticness and destruction.

I have struggled with a million nations and have found Islam.

Attempting to release the battles that battle at my past…

my matter of grey escapes, it is no more…

I Am Muslim now and will forever remain faithful.

I have uncaged myself from these structual prisons that have mislead me.

Older and Wiser,

the time has come.


I am empowered, as metaphorically I stand at the heavenly gates.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, The Merciful,

I call out in prostrate.

Will you free me from my sentence.

So that I may walk unveiled in the valleys of your Kingdom.

Robert Najid Qadi Murphy


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