Last night..,

I had seen something so beautifully amazing…., it was so veraciously astonishing that it light up the entire midnight sky.

A shining star…. a star so bright and informative, that my visual receptors mistook it for the moon.

It could have been one of them brown dwarves, I guess…

I don’t know.

The apparent magnitude of this shining star, had freightened the moon so terribly, that the moon hid in its own shadow…

Eclipsed…. .

A beamed cross hails through the pitch black and lands at the layout of my feet….

I am witness to the birth of a borned star.

Incredibly moved with a heighten emotion of intervention so divine,


like the hitcher on a lonely road, raise my hands to its kingdom above…

.. and ..

.. bow my head in rest.

 When sending a holy prayer,

I am blinded by the bombardment of shock waves on my intuition.

I can attest to my witness….

On this sphere of an endless dream… it has taken me.

I am captive, but I am never a hostage.

At this very moment..

 .. I am ..

living on the cusp of a memory…

by a familiar voice.

You speak,

“Where can i take you my brother?”

As I remember you, the mind journey’s and fills my internal being.

Remembering the time of sister you and brother me…

remembering how you held my hand as we cross busy streets,


how you would check on me as I slept…  to make sure there were no discrepancies in my dreams.

In thought,

I breathe in warm soft desert sands from the winds.

As your name begins to arise from the esscense and into my heart,

the “you” taps on my throat and drifts across my dry parched lips,

I have thirst for some time now…

Again and again my spirit feels you passing…

With a single tear, I say…


I will always remember you,


Najid Qadi Murphy


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