The Holy Quran 2nd Surah 21-24

Th Rapture

The Holy Quran

The Book: Al Baqarah 2nd Surah: 21-24

21. O ye people! Adore your Guardian Lord, Who created you

And those who came before you,

That ye may become righteous,

22. Who has made the earth your couch And the heavens your canopy;

And sent down rain from the heavens; And brought forth therewith Fruits for your sustenance;

Then set not up rivals unto Allah

When ye know (the truth).

23. And if ye are in doubt As to what We have revealed From time to time to Our servant,

Then produce a Surah Like thereunto;

And call your witnesses or helpers (if there are any) besides Allah,

If your (doubts) are true.

24. But if ye cannot –

And of surety ye cannot –

Then fear the fire Whose fuel is Men and Stones –

Which is prepared for those who reject Faith.



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