The Pegasus..



Standing with embedded roots, Zerachiel firmly mounts the mighty Pegasus.

Mounted, he grips the burning spear of carnage and truth.

With a hot hand he releases it from its cold stench of rotted earth,

and with a voice to crumble nations…

He speaks.

“Rise, O’ great Pegasus and spring forth your absolutions… for their time is nigh and we have chores at hand!”

The breaking of binding ropes, frees the strength held with-in the two.


With a penetrating glow emanating from its eye, the mighty Pegasus flinches.


The Pegasus is propelled effortlessly into the sky.

Zerachiel, with a controlled sway, holds strong to fist in hand…

as he watches mans undoing come to truth.


By the hands of the Angel of judgement, Allahs burning spear is hurled through the winds with a glance.

Penetrating and stampeding through the filth of city to city,

Zerachiel , looks down upon the earth with the numbing coldness of pain.

As he listens to the screaming souls of men, he speaks… with steady and smooth,

“Hell Hath Frozen Over.”


The beast breathe, heaves hugh chunks of acid clouds,

the pouring black rain melts the horizon.

As the mighty Pegasus glides across the seas… oceans…. and fallen nations of men,

a deed has been done.

Zerachiel raises his head high to the heavens and thrusts his spear.

“In his name, I have healed this earth.”

Rolling clouds seperate, opening the passage to the Kingdom of Allah..

allowing amplitude rays of light to rip particles of flesh from the celestials as they rise, chosen.

As Zerachiel leads into the Kingdom, he speaks his final command unto the Pegasus.

“Come Destiny, and let us ride from this obliteration.”

Robert Najid Qadi Murphy


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