Crumbs ..


Illusions suffer from the minds of those who have lost themselves…,

as they dance unappreciated like lost puppets without their strings.

The reality lives with-in its creases…

by finding acceptance in everthing.

The bread trail you lay.. or lie..

deceives what I feel is truth.

I can speak to me no more..

As I pour from my pain of uncertianty,

I realize.

This confusing Book I read confesses rewritten scriptures,

What bitterness I know from when I thought I knew, Knowing Nothing…

this world does not love,

Lord forgive the blasphamers.

Searching for the straight way, I digress into spiritual truth.

Behold.., an introduction as I step into Islam…

The Holy Quran ; Surah 5: 15-16

15.)  O People of the Book!

There hath come to you

Our Messenger, revealing

To you much that ye

Used to hide in the Book,

And passing over much

(That is now unneccessary):

There hath come to you

From Allah a (new) light

And a perspicuous Book-

16.)  Wherewith Allah guideth all

Who seek His good pleasure

To ways of peace and safety,

And leadeth them out

of darkness, by His Will,

Unto the light- guideth them

To a Path that is Straight.

At last,

In reading this..

My mind has forgiven me for denying it the truth.

Najid Qadi Murphy


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